Do The Thing UK's Terms and Conditions

Use and access to the Do The Thing UK is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • By using our website (Do The Thing UK) you are legally bound by these terms ad conditions which will take effect immediately upon your first use of the website.
  • Do The Thing UK may change these terms and conditions at any time by posting online. It is important that you check back regularly to become aware of any such changes to our Terms and Conditions. Use of the our website (Do The Thing UK) after changes to the Terms and Conditions means that you are legally bound by the updated Terms and Conditions.


  • Refunds cannot be exchanged for items or competition entries purchased from the site UNLESS

- Reasonable explanation for request of refund INCLUDING attached photographs of unsatisfied product

-If undamaged (for example if an item of clothing is the wrong size) an item must be returned to the sender, if you have lost the address email, and be fully refunded or exchanged for a correct size.

-A competition is cancelled, all competitors will be automatically refunded in full for a competition entry

  • Refunds for donations cannot be made
  • Refunds for events can be made up to 48 hours notice prior to the event starting date and time, any cancellation made after this time frame cannot and will bot be refunded