Our Annual Bursary

The majority of money we make goes straight towards our annual bursary for those attending or applying for university. Every year we award a £100 bursary which is used to help support an individual with a mental health condition however they wish (e.g. for books, towards travel, towards accommodation etc.)

Our Bursary is not means tested, however we look for the following criteria in our applicants:


A strong desire to study


Explain to us what you are or are hoping to study and why you are passionate about this particular subject.


A true mental health illness


It doesn't matter if you've had a clinical diagnosis or not, we only ask that you are truthful about your illness and what it means for you to live with, to recover from or to be in recovery.


the ability to look at both your strengths and weaknesses

Living with a mental illness is hard and we all make mistakes along the way. We want to know both your strengths and weaknesses, and how these make you the person you are and the dreams you hope to accomplish!

Our applications open in 2019, check back with us then to apply.