Words from the Chairman about Do The Thing UK's first year

Wow! Our first year as a charity has been extremely interesting. It’s such a hard task diving into the unknown, and starting a charity was definitely a feat. However, to this day I still believe it to has been one of the bravest and best ideas that I’ve had.

This past year we have managed to prepare our wings- so to speak- in preparation for our second year take off. We’ve been able to speak at conventions, talk to many different people about their different mental health issues, adopted our mascots, and start up our podcast.

I am truly grateful for our first year, as it has set the cogs in motion for an extremely eventful and exciting second year for Do The Thing UK. I aim for the next year to be one of many positive achievements and I thoroughly look forward to awarding our first bursary in 2019.

Moving bases between Kenilworth and Nottingham will allow us to reach even more people, especially within the student community at The University of Nottingham. Although I hope to continue to work closely with the people of Kenilworth, having our base at the University of Nottingham for the next three years will be an extremely remarkable thing and hopefully open the doors to many exciting adventures.

I thank everyone for their support over our first year; every kind word I’ve received has only fueled my motivations to make this charity a great one over the next few years. Rome was not built in a day but each individual segment played an important part in making the superstructure that exists today.

I ask you to join us over the next year as we continue to grow and challenge ourselves in helping as many students with mental health issues as we ca- whether that be through a bursary or just starting a conversation. Please don’t forget to leave your support in the form of a donation and whatever you do: do the thing!

Thank you, Padua Eaton