Meet our mascots!

The charity wanted to create mascots which represented happiness and positive thoughts. Drawing on Japanese "かわいい" (Cute) pop-culture, we chose alpacas as our chosen animal to represent everything the charity is about: positivity, happiness, friendship, motivation and strength. Each alpacas represents a different mental health illness, we hope to add to our collection over the years.


Created by kat preston

The charity commissioned the talented Kat Preston to make our friends. Kat did an absolutely wonderful job and we would like to offer her a personal thank you from us all. Kat has a shop called ForrestSounds, where she handcrafts beautiful animals so please take a moment to have a look at her wonderful work.


Our main mascot, named after the town Kenilworth where the charity was founded. Kenny represents the ability to not take yourself so seriously and an all round positive mindset.