5 Ways To Cope With A Poor Body Image

5 Things To Do To Help Cope With A Poor Body Image

Many people suffer with a poor body image, and it can affect your life daily. Finding ways to cope with the negative thoughts you have about yourself can be crucial in allowing yourself the freedom to enjoy life and not worry about your figure.

1.       Don’t hide yourself away

It’s all too easy to want to run away from our problems in life. By preventing yourself from not experiencing things in life due to perceived flaws you allow the negative thoughts in your head to win. Remember beauty shines from within and from without, you are worthy of other people’s company and sight- go out in confidence, knowing your presence is a positive addition to the world not a negative one.

2.       List all the other positive aspects of yourself

This doesn’t mean accepting you are flawed. It is difficult to come to a place of self-acceptance and self-love from a negative stand point. By listing all your other attributes (not just physical), you will begin to see yourself in a different light and begin the process of moving your mindset to one of self-love rather than self-rejection. Remember that it is baby steps and that finding positive things about yourself will help to reduce the sense of flaws you perceive yourself to have- even if by a little.

3.       Look to role models

Even though your body image can change overtime it’s important to look to people who inspire you. Role models in this instance should not be people whom you wish to look like, more so people who either experience poor body image themselves or people who embrace their body or physical attributes no matter what the circumstance. By having role models, it is easier to focus on the strong and inspiring qualities, that we ourselves have, that do not concern our physical appearance. This in turn, can help boost our own confidence and self-esteem, and reduce the focus on our ‘perceived flaws’.

4.       Practice the art of self-love

Self-rejection or self-hate can be so damaging to our mental mindset and how we go about our day. By having an element of self-love to look forward to each day, we can practice showing kindness to ourselves and feeling that we deserve such kindness. Some examples of self-love involve going to your favourite coffee shop, having a luxurious bath, watching your favourite programme at the end of the day or even getting involved in a hobby that you love such as art, exercise, music ect.

5.       Put up a poster to remind yourself that you are not your perceived flaws

It’s very easy to say to yourself that you will apply these tips and then go and forget them when your poor body image comes into play. Having a mantra stuck up somewhere saying words that help you personally get out of the mindset of your negative thoughts about yourself can help you in a time of need or remind yourself throughout the day to give yourself a little bit of love.

Some suggestions are:

*I am not my perceived flaws

*I am beautiful inside and out

*Only I have the power to determine my worth

*I have the ability to accomplish anything

*I am worthy of love

*I am stronger than my thoughts

(Please note, this is written by a student and therefore any advice given does not come from a professional psychologist so should not be used a diagnosis or penultimate form of treatment. It is merely a ways of offering advice and support- with strategies that may or may not work. If you are seriously struggling with a mental health condition that is inhibiting your life, we urge you to seek professional medical health. Do The Thing UK is not responsible for consequences associated with application of articles written.)